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TMS320 DSP in-circuit emulators


JTAGjet TMS320 emulator

JTAGjet CCS Emulator        

High-speed USB 2.0 connection to PC

  Up to 1 MByte/sec downloads
  OMAP, OMAP2, OMAP3, GSM & CDMA chipset support    
  Integrated Flash programmer
  Code Composer Studio 2.x/3.x compatible
  Multi-CPU support


JTAGjet-C2000 emulator.


JTAGjet-TMS-C2000 Emulator 
Supports TMS320C24xx and F28xx families
  Fully CCS 3.1 compatible
USB 2.0 interface to PC host
  Low-cost, full-featured emulator - only $595
Optional Flash utility (does not require CCS)


JXDS560Plus Emulator 
The most cost-effective 560 JTAG Emulator based on USB2.0 Port
  Expert in software and hardware debugging, speed up product development period
Support real-time events triggering and real-time breakpoints
  Up to 100 times faster than XDS510 emulators





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