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Debugging Embedded Linux

Camarillo, Calif. – February 19, 2010 – Signum Systems Corp., a 30-year provider of development tools for the embedded markets, has added embedded Linux debugging features to its flagship Chameleon Debugger™ for ARM processors.

With the new features, Chameleon Debugger together with Signum Systems’ JTAGjet emulator make it easier and faster for the software and hardware engineers to port Linux kernels to new hardware platforms, write and debug boot codes (UBL, UBOOT), peripheral drivers, kernel modules and Linux applications.

With older, traditional debug tools, Linux requires a serial port or Ethernet port for the terminal console, but with JTAGjet and Chameleon Debugger all console operations are done via the JTAG port so that Ethernet and serial ports are not necessary (many small, portable devices may not even have these ports).

Designers will also benefit from a much simpler and faster debug environment that works on "bare-metal" boards which do not have any software, drivers or even stable hardware platform.

All debugging is performed via a single JTAG port (IEEE 1149.1) connected directly to the ARM processor, so that the hardware controlled by the processor can be brought up in stages. All Linux terminal console messages during the boot process are displayed in the debugger’s Console window, thus eliminating the need for a terminal or other PC running terminal emulation.

When Linux is ready to load its file system, all TCP/IP operations are redirected through the JTAG port and over LAN to the remote or host PC containing the image of the Linux NFS file system. Only when the Linux port and applications are ready for production, do the boot codes, kernel and NFS file system need to be programmed into the NAND or NOR flash on the target board. Having the entire Linux firmware objects on a PC rather than in flash results in a faster and simpler debugging process.

NAND and NOR flash programming utilities are available as options to complete the debugging and testing environment.

When more visibility into the executing applications is required, Chameleon Debugger offers ETM (Embedded Trace Macrocell) and ETB (Embedded Trace Buffer) support, which in addition to the ARM core execution path captured in real-time, displays  also variables and timing information.

Chameleon Debugger and JTAGjet are available now. For more information, please contact Signum Systems Corp. at 805-383-3682 or visit for a list of distributors.

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