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Signum Systems: Chameleon Debugger


Chameleon Debugger, our flagship software package: designed for a variety of hardware emulation interfaces to target boards (JTAG, BDM, ICE, STAG) on one end, and a communication channel to the host PC on the other. The program provides a consistent user interface to an embedded project at all stages of the development cycle from CPU evaluation to production testing. Chameleon supports many different CPUs and DSPs in plain or Multi-Core (SoC) targets in a single debugging environment. Regardless of the number of CPUs being debugged the software offers the latest debugging features, such as fly-over variable watch, drag and drop variables, Virtual I/O, . . .

. . . complex variable implode/explode, script language for automatic testing, symbol browsing, trace window, and more. Step-into, Step-out and Step-over modes are supported for both C and assembly levels. The Flash programming plug-in allows you to program the nonvolatile memory on your target board with ease. Our unique graphical interface for complex events is quick, intuitive and incredibly easy to use.

Over the years, Chameleon Debugger has received countless praises form its users. Consistently, the most poignant accolades come from those customers who  earlier used equivalent products of other brands.


Chameleon Debugger: Key Features

Easy and intuitive hardware breakpoint settings with full support for all ARM debug capabilities.

  Choice of hardware or software breakpoints in source window.

Access to variables, registers and peripherals in run-time (without stopping the CPU).

  Integrated co-processor support.
  Automatic switching between ARM and ARM Thumb mode.
  Integrated CodeScope profiling analysis tool.
Integrated flash programming utilities.
  Integrated homogeneous and heterogeneous multi-core debug support (up to 16-CPUs at a time).
  Access to all registers and peripherals with bit-fields and grouping.
  Easy register customizations (adding, grouping, bit-fields).
Step into, step out and step over functions in C/C++ and Assembly.
  Full CPU control and validation of program execution using powerful macro language.
  Real-Time Embedded Trace support
  USB 2.0 connection to host PC
  Remote debugging over TCP/IP networks
  Full CPU control and validation of program execution using powerful macro language.

Definable hot-keys and macros for actions performed frequently.

  Multiple memory, source, watch, locals, command and other windows.
  Drag and drop of variables, functions and addresses.
  Mouse fly-by display shows variables and registers.
  Virtual I/O access to the host console and file system in run-time.
  Access to debugger and target from external plug-ins (DLL or EXE).
  Full GUI remote debugging over TCP/IP networks.
  Command level remote debugging over TELNET (may be used with PDAs and notebooks without the debugger).
  RTOS visibility via dedicated plug-in window.
  Full set of testing programs provided on CD-ROM.
  Full set of testing programs provided on CD-ROM.
  Windows Vista, XP, 2000, NT, ME, 98 & 95 compatible.
  22 years of experience in emulation and debugging tools.
  Made in USA.


Chameleon Debugger is a companion software to the JTAGjet, 80186 and Z8 emulators. Some features may not be available on all models.


JTAGjet and Chameleon in Action

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Debugger for ARM  user interface.


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