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Providing Solutions through Professional Engineering

Software Technology Group, Inc. (STG) is a professional software engineering consulting firm in Portland, Oregon that wants to earn your business and become your partner.  They understand the importance of listening to our clients.  They strive to fully understand your requirements so that the appropriate solution can be developed and delivered on time and within budget.  

The Software Technology Group, is based in the Portland, Oregon metropolitan area but their software and consulting services are used worldwide. Their Microsoft certified developers are known for their expertise with biomedical software, robotics development, and software consulting. Whether you need web consulting assistance or application programming, Software Technology Group can work to meet your needs efficiently.

Some of the common services that Software Technology Group can make available to your company are listed below.

Take a look at some of our sample projects.

Windows Application Development

Our engineers have created a wide variety of Windows solutions from simple stand-alone applications to complex and flexible development environments.  Here's some of the tools and technologies we're familiar with: 

bullet Visual C/C++
bullet COM / DCOM
bullet ActiveX
bullet Visual Basic
bullet Java / J2EE
bullet Device Drivers
bullet Crystal Reports

Web Application Development

STG engineers have created web-based information systems, e-commerce sites, and customer service web applications, usually encompassing a database.  We've developed both Internet and Intranet websites, and we're familiar with Internet security issues.  Here's a list of some tools and environments we've worked with:

bullet JavaScript
bullet VBScript
bullet Java
bullet Visual C#
bullet HTML / XML / XSL
bullet ASP / ASP.NET
bullet ADO / ADO.NET

Network Security and Administration

We have strong experience dealing with Network Security and Administration.  We've performed the following types of services for our clients:

bullet Server Installation and Administration
bullet Network Security Policies
bullet Internet Security

Quality Assurance and Testing

STG has performed Quality Assurance and Testing services for a wide variety of clients and in every stage of the software development cycle.  We've been responsible for the entire Quality Assurance program for some clients, and been used to augment a client's QA department when additional resources are needed at the end of the development cycle.  STG has engineers who can help with:

bullet Requirements Specification Development
bullet Test Plan Development and Implementation
bullet Development Standards Creation

HIPAA Security Compliance

STG Provides turnkey HIPAA Security Compliance, 45 CFR Part 164 for covered entities:

bullet Medical Offices
bullet Dental Offices
bullet Nursing Homes
bullet Hospitals
bullet Government Agencies
bullet Pharmacies

We provide Audits:

      Risk Assessments and Gap Analyses covering:

bullet Administrative Safeguards
bullet Physical Safeguards
bullet Technical Safeguards
bullet Organizational Requirements

We can create an Implementation Plan.
We can execute an Implementation Plan.
We provide complete Compliance Documentation.

STG has broad skills in:

bullet Network Security
bullet Computer Telephony
bullet Telecommunications
bullet IT specific to the healthcare industry and HIPAA compliance



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