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Tools and Services for Managing Software Intellectual Property

Is specialized software a significant part of your operations, products and services? Is your software developed internally or by contractors? Do you use Open Source Software or third party commercial software? Do you have an understanding of the code content within your organization as well as its copyright and/or licensing requirements?

Protecode Inc. produces products and services for managing software Intellectual Property and for carrying out due diligence of a company’s software pedigree.

How Protecode Can Help Your Software IP Management

bulletProtecode products address all aspects of Software IP Management – from the establishment of organizational IP policies and its administration in various projects, to enterprise code mapping and assessment, the pedigree audit of each software load build and the preventive development of software free of potential encumbrances of licensing obligations. Whatever your need or circumstance, you will find a Protecode solution applicable if your company develops software.
bulletProtecode solutions are easy to adopt, require no training, work seamlessly in a developers work environment and most importantly do not disrupt the development process. Protecode solutions are reliable, confidential and secure and can be used by single developers or by multi-party teams in different jurisdictions.
bulletMost importantly, Protecode products and services do not require major investments and are highly affordable for small companies, or large multi-site enterprises with full central management and reporting capability, as either licensed tools or subscription services.










A Protecode Pedigree Report, created through the deployment of a Protecode product or service tells a fascinating story of exactly where each piece of code within your organization came from, who put it together, in which organization, who owns the copyright, who owns the license, what is the export control rating, when it was first written, and how many times it has been updated.


The Protecode portfolio includes: Developer IP Assistant, the only real-time, preventive solution for code pedigree management, as well as Enterprise IP Analyzer and Build IP Analyzer.

bulletProtecode Developer IP Assistant (DA) - detects, logs, identifies and creates a database of the IP attributes of all code segments, snippets, files, and libraries that are brought into a project in real time as a project is being developed.
bulletProtecode Enterprise IP Analyzer (EA) - analyzes your existing portfolio and creates a database of its IP attributes while reporting on the pedigree of the code base.
bulletProtecode Build IP Analyzer (BA) – analyzes all code that is consumed as part of a software build, creating a detailed report of all of the components used in the final software product build before commercialization, ensuring there are no violations against existing enterprise Intellectual Property policies.
bulletProtecode Software IP Audit Service (AS) – a software due diligence service that offers expert, full service code scanning, analysis and reporting of enterprise code portfolios. Efficient, cost effective and accurate for establishing the Intellectual Property (IP) attributes of an existing code repository.


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Code Pedigree Management is simpler and more affordable that you think …



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