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Type-N Carrier
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Type-N Carrier 

The carrier with PQ II pro, III processor card for networking application


(Above is the picture for Type-N Carrier plus processor card)


The Type-N Carrier serves as a generic I/O platform for PowerQUICC II Pro and III family processor cards. It provides standard connectors such as 3.3 V 32-bit PCI slots, serial port, Ethernet connector, for testing and developing the functionality of different interfaces of MPC83xx and MPC85XX devices. Combined with reusable PowerPC processor card, Type-N carrier  can be used for networking device application.


 Router, Switch, and Firewall box

 Industrial control extend A/D, D/A, CAN bus, Video card  

 MOD Bus over Ethernet


 Two 33/66 Mhz 32-bit PCI slots for PCI1 interface

 One 33/66 Mhz 32-bit PCI slot for PCI2 interface (for MPC8541E/55E/48E only)

 One PCI-Express X8 connector for SERDES interface (for MPC8548E only)

 Two mini-USB AB connectors (for MPC83xx only)

 Two double Ethernet connectors

      Two 10/100/1000 BaseT copper interfaces supported by the first and second TSECs

      One 10/100/1000 BaseT copper interface supported by TSEC4 (for MPC8548E only)

      One 10/100/1000 BaseT Ethernet port

 MPC83xx uses FCCx for 10/100 Base T Ethernet

 MPC8560 uses FCC3 for 10/100 BaseT Ethernet

 MPC8540 uses FEC for 10/100 BaseT Ethernet

 MPC8541E/55E uses FCC2 for 10/100 BaseT Ethernet

 MPC8548E uses TSEC3 for 1000 BaseT Ethernet

 One RS-232 Serial Port

     MPC83xx uses SCCx or UART0 of DUART

     MPC8560 uses SCC1

     MPC8540/41E/55E/48E uses UART0 of DUART

 Five BSH connectors

     Support up to two 32-bit PCI bus (For MPC8541E/55E/48E only)

     Three RGMII interfaces (G1, G2, G4) and one Ethernet port (G3)

     UART interface

     Dual USB interfaces

     Support entire CPM signals

     Local Bus and control signals

 Two BSH Expansion connectors

     FCC1/UPC1 8/16-bit UTOPIA interface

     TDM interfaces

     32-bit local bus interface

 One QTH connector

     SERDES signals (For Processor card with SRIO or PEX only)

 I2C RTC, EEPROM and LM75 temperature sensor

 AMC connector for backplane connection

 12 V and 5 V power supplies from a 4-pin connector

 8.7 inch x 5.8 inch form factor (excluding the case)

Block diagram

Supporting Processor

MPC8347PC Rev. A

MPC8360PC Rev. A and rev. B

MPC8540PC/8541EPC/8555EPC/8560PC Rev. B and Rev. C

MPC8548PC Rev. A


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Type-N carrier supporting PQ II Pro and PQ III processor card




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Document download

Flyer for PQ2Pro&PQ3 development board (processor card + carrier)

Type-N/S/A carrier User Manual & Data Sheet


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