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Corelis host a 45 min to 1 hr web demonstration on the ScanExpress family of tools used for JTAG boundary scan testing via GoToMeeting.com.  Itís an informative way of getting a "birds eye" view on how JTAG boundary scan can add test coverage to your existing test methodologies.

Tools covered:

Modular Software Tools

         ScanExpress TPG

         ScanExpress DFT Analyzer

         ScanExpress Runner

         ScanExpress Runner GANG

         ScanExpress ADO

         ScanExpress Viewer

         ScanExpress Debugger

         ScanExpress Merge

         ScanExpress Flash Generator

         ScanExpress Programmer

         ScanExpress JET


Who Should Attend?:

bulletEngineering Managers
bulletTest Engineers
bulletProduction Managers
bulletContract Manufactures

Date and Time:

Contact us to schedule a web demonstration: sales@austek.us


Please us at: sales@austek.us



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