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Zero Defect Software Development

Want to examine the causality of software defects instead of their effects? Want to fix run time errors before they become problems? Considered LDRA's Zero Defect Software Development.

Process Improvement:  LDRA provide cost effective tools for software development and testing and can be utilized throughout the software development cycle.  They are ideal for unit, integration, and system test leading to:

bullet Improved software quality
bullet Locating software defects
bullet Enforcing Industry standards
bullet Reducing development, testing and maintenance costs

Software Testing:  The LDRA Testbed helps Developers, Project Leaders and Senior Managers determine whether the software meets quality standards.  The information is presented in graphical displays and textual reports enabling the quick identification of errors.  Testing is carried out at the code level:

bulletCode Coverage
bullet Host/Target Testing
bullet System & Integration Testing
bullet Regression Testing

Software Maintenance:  Code functionality and quality can be ascertained by:

bulletCode Visualization by Callgraphs and Flowgraphs
bullet Documentation
bullet Quality Metrics
bulletData Tracking

Unit Testing:  TBrun test generator automates the unit test process:

bullet Generates test drivers and harnesses
bullet Automatic test vector generation
bullet Detects and documents changes in source code
bullet Performs regression testing
bullet Maintains test data and results
bullet Gathers code coverage metrics



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